Responsible leaders know that defining a company’s Mission and Purpose, Technology, Innovation, and Stakeholder Inclusion is not the sole responsibility of the leadership team. Gone are the days of ‘command and control’ management. Finding ever-improving paths to success by embracing continuous learning and knowledge exchange is vital.

Recently, the CEO of a dealership of Semi-tractor trailer trucks used for long haul transport, let his team into an exercise of collective visualization in an effort to identify their company’s vision.

After the time was up, one of the technicians named a popular Restaurant at a truck stop and said: “My vision is that 10 truckers are having lunch at the truck stop and all ten of them are giving each other high fives because everyone in the group agrees our services are better than any other supplier!”

When employees, instead of only the executive team, are part of the Vision and Mission defining process, it increases the probability of being adapted and shared.