It seems that all businesses these days are doing The Social Media Dance… drawing you in with visually captivating pictures, regular posting with relevant content, engaging with their audience, and jostling for more brand awareness by growing their following. The belief is that eventually, your content will be well received, forwarded upwards and outwards until it has grabbed viral status. This happens somewhere in the world, every day, right? Sure, it does BUT it almost never happens by design – it happens by accident. A year or so ago, a woman bought a Chewbacca mask, put it on in her car with her camera recording it, to laugh at herself uncontrollably, and she became a viral sensation.

Becoming an overnight sensation may sound good but does it go far enough? If your marketing efforts go viral, your recognition factor will increase and you may gain a few clients but unless the quality, message and consistency is ever present the publicity will eventually be irrelevant. It is better to captivate the attention of your audience in the long haul than amaze them with glitter for one week.