Silo Shattering

The idea of a silo is great on a farm in that they keep everything fresh, safe, and, most importantly, separate! These structures allow the farmer to do as they need with their product both quickly and easily. However, when it comes to your business, the silo is not nearly as helpful. Organizational silos

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Organizational Silos – Divide and Conquer or Unite and Build?

I’ve had my own personal experiences with silo mentality right here at Cadorath. Some 25 years ago, when I started in our Aerospace Division it was a silo and, put frankly, not a key money maker. Back then, we had two (still here) other divisions, Uniflyte, which I will refer to as #1 and

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Silos – Letting the Chips Fall

In many companies that are 65+ years old, with operations that serve several platforms from Agriculture, Aviation and Industrial business sectors, each by separate management groups in multiple locations, you inherently end up operating in many cases as Silos. In some instances, this is simply due to the different aspects of each groups’ business,

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