Gerry O. Cadorath

GERRY O. CADORATH is a loving husband, a proud father and grandfather, and a successful businessman. He never envisioned himself as an author, and the very thought of being one definitely never made it onto his list of life achievements.

Over his career, upon reading and learning valuable leadership lessons from numerous books authored by other successful business owners, he realized by sharing his experiences with other new and aspiring leaders that he too could help them achieve success in their businesses. With this realization and his desire to pay it forward, he undertook the journey of becoming an author.

Gerry’s Dad started the company in 1954, and when Gerry was tall enough to reach a workbench he began working for the company, realizing within a short time he had found his calling. The early years in the company were on the shop floors, and by his early twenties was already beginning to observe employees who were being managed the “old way” — through an iron fist. Gerry had the insight to believe this wasn’t a leadership practice that brought the best out in people, and it certainly wasn’t a part of his vision of ensuring the company would continue to be successful well into the future.

To that end, he expanded his knowledge by learning lessons from his various mentors. In addition, he read numerous books on leadership, management, sales, and succession planning. He understood that these ideas, without the requisite implementation, testing, and refining, were nothing more than perfectionistic mental gymnastics.

Gerry was determined the company his children would be involved in, and eventually own, would defy the odds of failure and the saying, “from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” would not apply to his family-owned company.

This book is full of lessons learned over the decades: some clearly identified, others unspoken. The most impactful lessons within these pages are the discovery of the tremendous value of empowering employees to bring out their best, and the true magic that ensues as a result of their empowerment.

These days Gerry enjoys flying his airplane and travelling with his wife, Mollie. Wherever he is on his travels, he is never too far away from the teams at Cadorath.

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