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Happy People do Better Work

2020-11-03T17:53:48+00:00Categories: Positive Attitude, Team Building|

Who doesn’t want more fun at work? As we watch movies of work environments from a few years ago, the scenes show row on row of desks with workers whose heads are down with no respite until a scheduled break. Maybe some of these work scenarios still exist for some companies but not for

Command and Control Leadership Stops Progress

2020-10-22T19:51:45+00:00Categories: Employee Empowerment, Team Building|

Responsible leaders know that defining a company’s Mission and Purpose, Technology, Innovation, and Stakeholder Inclusion is not the sole responsibility of the leadership team. Gone are the days of ‘command and control’ management. Finding ever-improving paths to success by embracing continuous learning and knowledge exchange is vital. Recently, the CEO of a dealership of

Actions are Better than Intentions

2020-10-15T20:29:45+00:00Categories: Employee Empowerment|

If you ask almost anyone if they are trustworthy and a person of integrity, they will say they are. But it is not what people say that tells the real story; it is their actions, especially in tough times, that really count and reveal a person’s true character. The following are three of the

Change or be Left Far Far Behind

2020-10-15T19:16:20+00:00Categories: Employee Empowerment|

Some business leaders believe that the social, economic, and environmental challenges of the 2020s require new approaches to leadership and responsibility.  And it is a question we tossed around during our last executive session until one of our team leads reminded the group that this is how Cadorath has changed and grown and secured

Asking Questions Leads to Better Solutions

2020-10-07T20:25:24+00:00Categories: Customer Driven|

The only guarantee for Company Success is to ensure Customer Success. To that end, it is not unusual for a client to call us in a panic telling us they have a specific need. We listen and explore the ‘story behind the story’ by asking many questions to broaden our understanding. Instead of jumping

Silo Shattering

2020-07-09T17:42:06+00:00Categories: Silos|

The idea of a silo is great on a farm in that they keep everything fresh, safe, and, most importantly, separate! These structures allow the farmer to do as they need with their product both quickly and easily. However, when it comes to your business, the silo is not nearly as helpful. Organizational silos

Organizational Silos – Divide and Conquer or Unite and Build?

2020-07-09T18:15:35+00:00Categories: Silos|

I’ve had my own personal experiences with silo mentality right here at Cadorath. Some 25 years ago, when I started in our Aerospace Division it was a silo and, put frankly, not a key money maker. Back then, we had two (still here) other divisions, Uniflyte, which I will refer to as #1 and