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Flipping Your Hierarchy

2021-11-25T18:14:56+00:00Categories: Cadorath Culture, Employee Empowerment, Team Building|

In the past, the traditional hierarchical structure of management sees production on the bottom, answering to their supervisors who, in turn answer to their management, and ultimately the final decision maker on top. If it worked previously, then why isn't it as effective today? When you flip the hierarchy upside down you are encouraging a

Interview with Gerry O. Cadorath – Author of the Book

2021-10-07T15:32:53+00:00Categories: Cadorath Culture, Customer Driven, Employee Empowerment, Team Building|

Gerry O. Cadorath, author of the book Turn Can't Into Next was recently asked to appear on the Leading Change podcast with Adam Christie. During the candid interview, a wide array of questions were posed to Gerry revealing insight into the history of Cadorath, and further depth into the Leadership Lessons presented within the

Discounting Issues & Ideas Silences Your Employees

2021-06-03T17:36:31+00:00Categories: Cadorath Culture, Team Building|

As leaders, it is our duty to look after all sorts of issues and ideas as presented by our employees. Of the issues brought forward some may have you doing an internal eyeroll wondering why is this even an issue, and some idea’s submitted may have you thinking we have already tried this before. To

Accountability Works Best When It Goes Both Ways

2021-05-06T18:31:33+00:00Categories: Cadorath Culture, Employee Empowerment, Team Building|

There is a significant degree of accountability up the ladder that is sometimes missed, ignore it at your peril. For example, an employee brings forward a request, anticipating a response from their superior, and the superior with the best intentions of replying becomes temporarily distracted and then ultimately forgets to get back to the

Show Up With the Right Attitude & We’ll Give You a Career

2021-05-06T18:32:00+00:00Categories: Cadorath Culture, Employee Empowerment, Positive Attitude, Team Building|

Experience and credentials can take you many places in your career; at Cadorath we look for that and more. Years of schooling and training under your belt is great, however we believe the right attitude can carry you much further. Elements of the right attitude include having an open mind and willingness to learn;

The Social Media Dance Contest

2021-05-06T18:32:05+00:00Categories: Brand Awareness, Cadorath Culture, Marketing|

It seems that all businesses these days are doing The Social Media Dance… drawing you in with visually captivating pictures, regular posting with relevant content, engaging with their audience, and jostling for more brand awareness by growing their following. The belief is that eventually, your content will be well received, forwarded upwards and outwards

Natural Born Leaders Strengthen Your Team

2021-05-06T18:32:09+00:00Categories: Employee Empowerment, Positive Attitude, Team Building|

Do you consider responsibility without authority acceptable within the walls of your company? What about the natural born leaders, the ones that influence the team without having any official authority at all? Would you consider that to be the same? We believe them to be very different in that even though they are both

Embrace Conflict for Faster Resolution

2021-10-14T15:15:36+00:00Categories: Team Building|

When two personalities collide, it can wreak havoc on a team, especially if both parties are committed to defending their position at all costs! Like any large growing company, we are not immune to ‘personality collision.’  And to be quite honest, when issues and drama are obvious, despite the initial discomfort of aggressive posturing,

Celebrating Your Wins Leads to More Wins

2021-05-06T18:32:21+00:00Categories: Employee Empowerment, Positive Attitude, Selling, Team Building|

Failing to celebrate your wins is like having cake without the icing. When we don't take time to celebrate our successes along the way, we are doing the team and ourselves a great disservice. Every win provides you with the opportunity to energize and embolden your team; and to propagate your own unique corporate